Leda Health Clinic

In 2008,  U.K. based NGO Muslim Aid began working with Rohingya refugees in Teknaf Upazila in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.  Over the years the organization has operated in three locations, most recently in Leda makeshift camp just outside the city of Teknaf.  There primary focus has been running a health clinic to help sick refugees, to help provide clean drinking water and to in many ways run the camp.  Leda is an unofficial refugee camp, despite the tens of thousands of people living there in squalid conditions.  No aid is coming in from the Bangladesh government or the UNHCR.  Muslim Aid has filled part of this void until recently when they were forced to shut down by government pressure and lack of funding.  The health clinic at Leda is currently shut down.  Another clinic has been set up in Teknaf to support both Rohingyas and Bangladeshis.  It is waiting government approval and may or may not open soon.   Meanwhile, those living in Leda are currently facing an extreme water shortage and are without any medical assistance.

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